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Jesse Jones Continues Investigation Into Postal Problems


Recently I reported about persistent mail delivery problems in Lake Tapps.  I asked you to let me know if you had problems too. Well, I got lots of complaints. One of them came from Mario Menconi at Cascade Print Media.

The Tacoma company is a fast-paced business, with old and new printers spitting out thousands of pages of paper each day.  But when it comes to the mail, the business’s most precious documents, everything comes to a stop.

“We can’t count on getting mail every day that’s a real issue,” said Mario Menconi.

Menconi is the owner of a Tacoma business.  He has 12 employees and more than a dozen complaints about the United States Postal Service.

“So, we’ve literally have had to look for alternate ways to get packages,” said Menconi.

Up until November everything was fine, and then there were issues that couldn’t be papered over -like $180,000 in checks to the company delivered a week late.

“In the meantime, our checks didn’t go out to pay anybody because we didn’t have the money to pay them until we got that money. So, it was just kind of a scramble,” said Mencon

Mencon says things are better.  But now his mail, if it arrives at all, it will come after his business is closed.  So, he can’t count on parts deliveries for his machines.

“That’s the scariest part, if something goes down and we can’t count on the mail we can’t produce.  And if we can’t produce, then they go somewhere else,” said Mencon

“I’m a very frustrated postal customer,” said Laurel Tuttle

I’ve asked viewers to tell us their troubles with mail delivery after hearing Tuttle’s story.  The Lake Tapps resident wasn’t getting her mail for days at a time.

“I went through channels, and I don’t want to get anybody into trouble. I just want my mail. That’s all,” said Tuttle

I got her mail situation straightened out.  I called the USPS about Menconi’s postal problems and a spokesman said the issue was a route adjustment, but things are changing.

“This particular route will be realigned so that the business customers on the route will get their mail earlier in the day, ahead of residential customers.  This should be accomplished next week. All customers in the area will soon get timely, accurate delivery service,” said Ernie Swanson, USPS Spokesperson.

All Menconi wants is the for the costly mistakes to stop. Because he prints signs, not money.

“It’s a scary thought especially after the way we grew up as kids because you could always count on the mail -snow, sleet and you can’t do that anymore,” said Menconi

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