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Jesse investigates Wondersitter shutdown amid payment issues


A website that connects local families with babysitters is no longer booking jobs after some sitters say the company owes them thousands of dollars.

Christina Beeson is one of many babysitters and parents nationwide owed money from a company called Wondersitter.  She says she is owed nearly $1400.

Wondersitter is a company that matches families with sitters. At first, families paid the sitters directly. But that recently changed.

“They started taking the payment directly and then cutting us a check,” Beeson said.  “We were never really told straight-forward… the payment dates so it was very inconsistent.

Now it seems the company has found some consistency because it appears no one is getting paid.

According to the Office of the Secretary of State, Wondersitter LLC is not registered as a business in Washington State.  The Department of Revenue says it appears the business is not registered with them either.  Labor and Industries also says the company should have a workers’ compensation account, but it does not.

“I thought I was alone until I had another sitter reach out to me and let me know they found this Facebook page,” Beeson explained.

The page, Sitters Unpaid by Wondersitter, has a database of more than 100 parents and sitters who claim the California-based company owes them nearly $70,000.

California college student Suzanne Holton says Wondersitter owes her $450.

“April 3rd was the last time I received payment,” Holton said.

The company has halted operations after receiving a suspension from the Franchise Tax Board in California.  Now, parents who bought discounted Wonderdollars to pay for services up front may be out, too.

“There are a lot of families that are out thousands of dollars as well,” Beeson said.  “I’m just heartbroken for everybody.”

There have been several wage complaints against the company.  Labor and Industries says Wondersitter has paid just one of the claims.

Wondersitter has not responded to requests for comment.

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