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Jesse investigates complaints against Wave Electric Bikes


Some Seattle bike riders say they can’t ride their new electric bikes because they’re worried that they are not safe.

Brad Cerenzia is not happy with the electric bike he waited months to receive.

“Every time you ride it, you have to go through and re-tighten everything,” Cerenzia said.

He paid nearly $1,000 dollars in 2015 for the Wave Electric bike.  It was part of an Indiegogo campaign that raked in over one million dollars.

“It arrived.  It’s heavy steel, and it has poor welds,” Cerenzia explained.

Dave Johnson of Electric and Folding Bikes Northwest tried to assemble a few of the first Wave bikes.

“When we first saw the bike, we could tell the manufacturing of it was not really that great,” Johnson said.  “I told them we wouldn’t assemble it for them.”

Johnson said he wouldn’t work on the bikes for a number of reasons.

“On the forks that I assembled on the Wave bikes, the wheel would be sitting at an angle because these two dropouts where the wheel axle sits were not aligned,” Johnson explained.  “They had no machining or quality control, so the axle was actually at an angle.”

Johnson also says there were issues contacting and getting answers from Wave’s support team.

In a statement, a representative of Wave E-bike said the following:

Wave Electric Bikes stands by our product’s quality and continues to honor all warranties.

Remember, there are issues inherent with any crowdfunding campaigns.   Check to see the experience the team has delivering a product.  Also see what issues it has had dealing with warranties and refunds.

Wave is reaching out to Cerenzia, but he’s waving goodbye.   Cerenzia said he’s done with the e-bike company.

“I want new and exciting products, but I want them done in a way that still protects consumers,” Cerenzia said.

I’ve seen complaints about the Wave E-Bike from all over the country. The people at Wave admit there were problems with the roll out. The company says it is reaching out to everyone who has complained.

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