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Jesse highlights the true meaning of giving


For hours, many of you donated to those in need this holiday season at the annual KIRO 7 Toys for Tots drive.

This event wasn’t about toys, but rather focused on hope.

“It’s about giving. Giving back, giving back to the community, supporting the community,” explained Albert Lee Junior of Albert Lee Appliance.

Albert Lee Appliance also gave graciously throughout the event.

“We got over 210 bikes some scooters we got an array of stuff to get them out active,” said Lee Junior.

And as the icy season of politics refuses to melt, the warmth of the holiday season–in all ways prevails.

From the ambulance drivers at AMR to the financiers at Green Wealth Management, they were all in the spirit of giving.

“If there’s anyone who deserves to enjoy the holiday it’s these kids who enjoy these toys,” declared AMR’s Brant Butte

And ending with the Ferry employees who gathered gifts from each shore of our Puget Sound.

“All the boats all of the terminals, so anywhere from Point Defiance to Friday Harbor in the San Juan islands,” explained Brian Mannion with Washington State Ferries.

Each car load of toys given and every box filled represents something that’s been so elusive in these times. That’s togetherness and love and it doesn’t cost a cent.

“If you have a smile for a friend or a neighbor–someone who has some conflict or problems or trouble in their lives, a smile and an ear to listen to them and don’t be judgmental…that’s a gift,” reminded Santa Claus.

If you would like more information on donating gifts visit,

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