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Jesse helps woman remove personal number listed on Google for business


When you Google the “Evergreen Nursing School” in Bellevue, Washington chances are it’s the wrong number.

Instead, it’s the home phone number of Nancy Walker.

For more than a year, Walker received numerous calls from prospective students. When speaking with them she provides them the correct school number.

“I feel really bad for these people that want to go to school. That’s why I call them back because if they’re trying to better themselves and get an education, I don’t want them to give up,” said Walker.

Walker tried everything to get the calls to stop. She recently visit Google’s Kirkland Campus to see if she could get the calls to stop.

She was told “Evergreen Nursing School” must remove the number off Google.

After tracking down the nursing school turns out the nursing school program closed earlier this year.

With the help from Google, I got Walker’s phone number off their website.

The next time Walker receives a phone call it won’t be for the school, this time it will be for her.

Photo by Simone Joyner/Getty Images 

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