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Jesse helps woman get back the credit she lost


If you close a credit card – it’s reasonable to assume you’ll no longer get a bill.  But a Carnation woman had a very different experience and she says it impacted her credit.

Irina Risukhina is frustrated and confused about how she can have bill for a Macy’s account she closed six months ago.

In February, Risukhina called to pay off a late bill and close her account.  She says at the same time Macy’s customer service promised to waive her extra fees.

“She assured me that I have zero balance and that my account is closed,” recalled Risukhina.

But several months later, she got a bill for more than $200.  She called Macy’s and was told the mistake would be corrected.  The retailer even sent Risukhina a letter stating her balance was zero but just a month later another bill arrived.

Risukhina said the company told her the account was only closed to future purchases.  It remains open on the business side for fees and penalties. Which it warned about in the same letter where it says her balance is zero.

Macy’s admits it made a mistake in Irina’s case but not before impacting her credit.

“Another major retailer sent me a letter informing me that because of my extremely low credit score they are going to cancel the account with me,” said Risukhina.

Risukhina said her credit score has dropped 300 points since her issue with Macy’s.  Macy’s also says it will work with agencies to clean up her credit report.

When you payoff and close an account, call back the next month to make sure there are no fees or interest hanging around.

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