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Jesse helps Tacoma man whose sewer line was damaged


A Tacoma man’s driveway is washing away and he believes it’s tied to an old utility pole.

Brian Dammeier has a hole in his driveway. It looks small, but it is as deep as the rake is long.

“It just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger,” said Dammeier.

Dammeier says it opened up after CenturyLink removed a utility pole and now he and his wife Lauri want the company to pay for the damages.

“My vehicle is in here and backing out every day I’m afraid this is going to collapse and I’m just going to fall in there,” said Dammeier.

CenturyLink’s contractor says it did not do the damage and pointed to other construction that may have been in the area. Dammeier was told the estimate to repair the job was at least $6,000.

“I don’t want to have to take the money out of pocket because it would involve having to take a second mortgage out on my house,” said Dammeier.

I then decided to contact CenturyLink and it hired a plumbing company to inspect the area.

“It’s pretty important when it’s your home that’s being impacted,” said Dammeier

It turns out the sewer was damaged. CenturyLink says it wasn’t near where their original pole was located.

But the company went ahead and did something they didn’t have to do, which was pay for all the repairs Dammeier needed for free.

“I’m very happy with it now, thank you,” said Dammeier.

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