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Jesse helps Norwegian passengers get refunded after cancellation


Gus Bourg been on shore to darn long so it’s time for him and his wife to set sail on a seven day Alaskan cruise!

“We’re super excited we haven’t had a vacation in a long time,” Gus said.

However, Gus just got an email saying that his Norwegian Cruise Line trip that goes from Ketchikan to Juneau to Skagway was cut short a day for maintenance.

So the Skagway stop is out.

Gus and that didn’t make Gus very happy, “The day before we actually booked an excursion in Skagway it was the one thing we were really looking forward to doing.”

The cruise line blew in with an offer of an extra day in Seattle. Now why would a Seattleite want that?!

Gus’ heart sank when they cancelled the Skagway stop, then his wallet took a blow when Norwegian only offered a $100 guest credit as compensation.

“I wanted them to provide us with a fair compensation for what we are losing.”

So what is fair?

Gus paid $4,398 for he and his wife.

A refund of that day would do the trick.

One seventh of the total paid would be a little more than $628 bucks.

So Gus tried to float that by the cruise line and his idea hit the rocks.

“They made it very clear that the only thing they were willing to offer was $100 onboard credit,” Gus said.

So we called Norwegian and asked them if they could do a little better for the upwards of two thousand people on that trip.

And guess what, they agreed! That means everyone on board will get a one seventh refund. For Gus that’s $500 more than the first offer.

And that floats Gus’ boat, “ I was absolutely excited about it. It’s exactly what we were looking for and it was what was deserved and I think you guys did an amazing job helping thousands of people receive hundreds of dollars.”

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