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Jesse helps Lynnwood widow after PayPal fraudulent charges


All it takes to open a PayPal account is an email address and a credit card number, but several documents are required to close an account.

Pamela Penning, a Lynnwood widow, tried closing her late husband’s PayPal account, but didn’t quickly receive the help she needed.

After calling PayPal several times, PayPal still refused to close the late husband’s account. The company requires a death certificate, copy of will, a letter from the executor of the estate, along with the executor’s ID.

However, the state of Washington is a community property state, so there is no will and no executor.

A few months later the account racked up more than $200 worth of fraudulent charges.

After speaking with the family and PayPal they eventually shutdown the account and offered a refund for the fraudulent charges.

Paypal Response:

“We understand that losing a loved one is an emotionally stressful time, and that navigating through a loved one’s financial affairs can be challenging. When an account holder passes away, PayPal needs a few standard legal and identification documents, which are listed on the PayPal website, in order to close the account. Once all necessary documentation have been received and reviewed, the account can be closed.”

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