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Jesse helps Kent man take flight and get what he paid for


A Kent man received a Groupon from his mother at Christmas.

It was for a life-long dream, a flying lesson, but now he’s having trouble redeeming it.

Kasey Chakos loves his life of thrills. From the slopes on the weekends to his job balancing dozens of stories above Seattle repairing cell towers.

“Oh yeah, I like adrenaline. I climb towers enough, but that’s not high enough, so I want to go fly,” said Chakos.

Even Chakos mother knew her son wanted to fly, so for Christmas she bought him a flight lesson on Groupon.

For the past 8 months Chakos says he’s been trying to book a flight a lesson, but can’t get a hold of the owner.

The name of the company is Seattle Pilot Academy-and it seems the only thing flying there consistently are the messages that are full of excuses.

When Chakos continues to call the company and try to schedule a lesson he says the response he’s received are, “no, so sorry. I’m out of town.” He would then ask, when are you available? And receives no response.

Seattle Pilot Academy has sold more than 300 trips on Groupon and Living Social in the two most current deals.

The owner tells me he’s accepting those flights only on weekends.

That means it would take more than three years for all of the customers to get what they paid for, which is about $49,000 in total.

So I decided to help Chakos get the trip his mother wanted him to have.

Eric Lynn from Galvin Flying heard the Seattle Pilot Academy story and stepped up to take the thrill seeker on a mind blowing trip.

“I was in his place, many years ago and wanted to fly and fortunately I was able to find a company that took me on an intro flight, and I’ve been hooked ever since. So part of our mission in life is to share it with everybody else. Glad we could help out today,” said Lynn.

After landing from his flight, Chakos says it was a joy ride.

“It was great! I had a blast, actually. So yeah. The views were amazing. Weird to feel the wind against the plane, and what not. Definitely a new experience,” said Chakos.

Chakos says he was happy and Galvin Flying company was happy to help.

The adrenaline junkie says his next task is to try jumping out of a plane.

The owner of Seattle Pilot Academy says he has a 60% redeem rate on living social.

He says the problem stems from when a mechanic kept his plane for six months.

He claims to have leased one in the meantime.

The owner promised to honor trips for everyone.

Living Social says he’s been a customer for two years and they will investigate the case.

If this happens to you, contact Living Social and Groupon right away.


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