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Jesse helps Bellevue woman get refund for grave plot next to sister


Maria Liguiori loved her sister Connie with all her heart and comforted her sister until she died, last April.

The family buried Connie at Sunset Hills in Bellevue, and soon after they decided to buy plots together.

“My bother-in-law’s sister bought the one on the left, and I bought the one on the right, figuring we’ll all be together, you know,” Liguiori said.

The salesman of the plot knew exactly where Liguiori wanted to be buried, after the salesman had pointed out the plot at the cemetery, Liguiori said.

In November 2007, Liguiori paid $4,000 and received her deed to be buried next to her sister.

A few years later, Liguiori visited her sister and stopped by the office asking if she could see her plot. The plot was nowhere near her sister.

“Walked over to my sister’s grave, and there’s somebody buried in mine. It was filled and I’m going that’s my grave. He says not it’s not. I say, oh yes it is,” said Liguiori.

Instead Liguiori’s plot is 100 yards away from her sister.

“The only reason why I bought it was to be next to my sister and bother-in-law. Turns out, I’m all the way on the other side of the cemetery somewhere…in Egypt,” said Liguiori.

Maria really has nowhere to go and cemetery management wouldn’t fix it.

With no other options, she called me and I spoke to management at Sunset Hills.

It’s impossible to get the entire story, since the salesman who sold her the plot no longer works with the company.

Instead, to make things right management at Sunset Hills decided the right thing to do was give her a five-figure offer to makes things right, and more.

“I’m sad I’m not going to be where I’m supposed to be, but it’s ok,” Liguiori said.

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