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Jesse explains how you can claim money after a class action lawsuit


From Wells Fargo fake account scam to Samsung exploding phones, companies accused of inconveniencing, misleading or hurting their customers often pay millions to make up for it.

There are hundreds are class action lawsuits filed each year to essentially punish companies for misleading their companies. And in many cases all you need to be eligible for the money is to have simply purchased the product.  However, only 10% of eligible consumers claim their cash. So the website consumer action created a database to help consumer’s research class action lawsuits.

The current lineup of class action lawsuits includes Starbucks for 50 cents if you’ve purchased a breakfast’s sandwich last summer to thousands of dollars for people who were hit by Home Depot Data breach.   And proof of purchase isn’t always a requirement.

Don’t slow play this one, folks. Go to consumer action and find out if you are owed big money. Some cases will close claims by tomorrow, so act fast.

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