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Jesse explains how to find a legit locksmith


The times you need a locksmith you’re probably in a desperate situation.  Unfortunately, some companies prey on that. So how do you know when a locksmith is legit?  What do you when you are forced to pay more?

Anna Marie Kissler locked herself out of her car. She used the search engine on her phone to find a local locksmith.

“They said $30 starting, then after that depending on the distance they need to go it raises,” said Kissler.

The locksmith was from a business called “Redmond Locksmith”. Minutes later, the locksmith popped her lock and gave her a much higher quote.

“He’s like $180 cash, $250 credit. I was like, excuse me? I was like I was quoted $30. He was like these are my prices. I was like no,” said Kissler.

Kissler said the locksmith then became aggressive.

“He got in the can and he was like get in my van, I’ll take you to go get the money. I was like no,” said Kissler.

Kissler said she then ran across the street got the cash and paid the $180.  She said the experience changed her.

“You don’t say get in my van, multiple times. You don’t do that. It’s just wrong,” said Kissler.

Computer expert Bryan Seely said doing an internet search for a locksmith in an emergency can be dangerous.  In the book Seely wrote, CyberFraud the Web of Lies, he says a search of locksmiths in Redmond is eye opening.

“The last time I looked there were more locksmith in Redmond, and in the vicinity of Redmond, than there are actual locksmiths in the state of Washington,” said Seely.

The address listed for Redmond Locksmith 17500 Redmond Way is just a big field.  So I decided to call the locksmith and the business hung up on me.

Aaron Keating is a locksmith and a member of the Northwest Locksmith Association.  He said incidents like Kissler’s are common.

“The saddest thing about it is these people are taking advantage of the situation where they have all of the control. You’re locked out, what are you going to do? What are your choices? You just don’t know your choices,” said Keating.

For Kissler, her locksmith experience is not about the money. It’s about something much more valuable than that.

“It people’s lives. You don’t do that. You don’t trick people. You don’t lie to people. ” said Kissler.

If you’re looking for a locksmith visit Northwest Locksmith Association Facebook page for a referral and go to for a full report and ratings on locksmiths.


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