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Jesse clears up meter swap after 7 years


Amy Dullard has been paying Seattle City Light every month since she moved into her Fremont townhome.

But for more than 7 years she’s been paying someone else’s bill.

“I’ve tried to be really conservative about my electricity. Turning off lights, I switched everything to LED’s, and I have not been reaping the benefits.  So I’m a little frustrated”, Amy said.

Since 2009, Amy, who lives alone, has unknowingly paid her neighbor’s electricity bill for a family of 3.

Her neighbor has been picking up her tab.

“My neighbor moved 3 months ago and part of moving, they were closing their Seattle City Light account.  And they did the meter reading.  And Seattle City Light said that’s not right. So I went and shut off the power to the meter that is on my neighbor’s bill, and my power went off.”

Amy tried for months to get city light to come check out her meter.

When they didn’t listen to her she hoped maybe they’d listen to me.

“I’m still paying for someone else’s meter.  I’m really at my wits end and I thought I should call Jesse.  I bet he can help,” Amy said.

Scott Thomsen at Seattle City Light said the meters were swapped on the front and back units.

“It appears that the addresses may have been changed after the meters were originally set into the homes when they were first built”, Thomsen said.

Thomsen says this not common but it happens from time to time particularly during construction booms.

“This is one of those spots where when changes get made and there are a lot of things getting processed through, sometimes a notification can get dropped.”

It took the utility a week or so to do the math.

And it was Amy who used more power than her neighbor, now she has to pay 476 bucks.

And I don’t feel good about it.

Who is smiling is Amy’s neighbor Scott Okino.

But he hasn’t received a call from Seattle City Light about a refund.

Scott said, “Maybe they probably figure we’re not going to do anything to pursue it so they don’t worry about it.”

Maybe I should work his case but I don’t want to mess that up either.

We’ll file this under no good deed shall go unpunished.

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