Jeep erupts in flames after charging cellphone apparently explodes


Cox Media Group National Content Desk

PETERSBURG, Fla. – An investigation is underway to find out if a cellphone caused an SUV to go up in flames.

Nathan Dornacher of St. Petersburg, Florida, was charging his phone in his vehicle on Labor Day when he discovered his Jeep on fire, ABC News reported.

Dornacher said on his Facebook page that he was charging his Samsung Galaxy Note7 while the car was running.

Firefighters responded and put the flames out, but the interior of the car was damaged.


“The vehicle is a total loss, but fortunately, no one was hurt or injured,” Lt. Steve Lawrence from St. Petersburg Fire Rescue told ABC News.

The fire department and Samsung are both investigating the fire.

The fire came days after Samsung recalled and stopped sales of the Galaxy Note7 after there were reports of the phones exploding while charging. The suspension of sales came two weeks after the device went on the market.

There have been at least 35 cases of phones with what is called a “battery cell issue” on the company’s website. Samsung pledges to replace phones that have been sold.

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