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Another Equifax Website Glitch?


Another possible Equifax website glitch involves those who have not been affected by the breach.  If they try to enroll in credit monitoring, they could get a troubling mixed message.

“They don’t really care,” said Equifax victim Kent Smith.

That about sums up Smith’s feelings about Equifax.

“My information is going to be out there for more than a year.  I’m going to live here, my driver’s license is going to be out there, my name is never going to change.  One years’ protection, that’s completely useless,” said Smith.

After the breach, there have been reported intermittent glitches with Equifax’s website.

I found one today, that may give consumers mixed messages.

I went to the site that informs consumers if they have been effected.  I put in a fake last name of Snoopdog- along with zeroes for the last six digits of the Social Security Number.  It says the personal information was not impacted by this incident.

The site then asks if people would like to continue and get TrustedID credit monitoring -Trusted ID is the credit monitoring service Equifax provided.

I clicked the button and then, all of a sudden it says, “based on all of the information provided we believe that your personal information may have been impacted by this incident.”

So which is it?

I contacted Equifax to find out more about these glitches. The company did not immediately respond to my calls.

I went through the site with Smith.

“Apparently there’s no way out.  Whether you are impacted or you are not.  Then all of a sudden you are,” said Smith.

USA Today reported, Equifax had a patch months before the breach and didn’t install it.  Experts say a patch was created in March, while the company admitted to the newspaper that the unauthorized access began in mid-May.

Smith, who’s an IT specialist, said Equifax is the one that has failed its credit check.

“They are responsible. It’s their mistake or failing that put us all in this position from the start. So maybe they need to be shut down,” said Smith.

Equifax has apologized for the breach.

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