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IRS scammers call IRS employee asking for money


Linda Stouffer

WSB – Atlanta

ATLANTA — Investigators are warning parents about scammers who appear to be targeting people whose children have student loans.

Mark Green told WSB he got a call demanding more than $5,000 to pay off a federal student tax. Green, however, knows no such tax exists because he works for the IRS.

“(The caller) said this is not a laughing matter, we are going to arrest you if you don’t pay immediately,” Green said.

The scammers are armed with an incredible amount of personal details including names and addresses. If the victim gets angry, the criminals threaten to call police and report a robbery in progress.

Green believes he was targeted through his child’s student loan information.

He wants people to know that the IRS will never call a person for information or money. “Nor do we ever call to harass you, or to tell you that you owe a debt that you don’t owe, or to have you pay it on a (prepaid) debit card, to put it on an iTunes card, or gift card or anything of that nature. We don’t operate like that,” Green said.

The best thing to do if you get a call from a scammer is to hang up.

For more information follow this link, here.

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