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Interstate Closure Could Delay Holiday Deliveries


The word from the United States Postal Service is that the mail is still moving.  But the question is, with I-5 Southbound shut down due to the Amtrak derailment, will those Christmas deliveries arrive on time?

“I think there probably will be delays, could be as much as a day in some instances, but perhaps less than that,” said Ernie Swanson with USPS

Swanson said delays should end quickly once the freeway reopens.  But for now, they are monitoring the situation and changing routes as needed to stay as close to schedule as possible.

“We have logistics people constantly checking what the alternatives are.  We are going around the accident site as well, trying to get the mail to southwest Washington and some of it down to Oregon,” said Swanson.

If you are anxiously waiting for your packages from Amazon to arrive, especially from the Dupont fulfillment center, Ashley Robinson from Amazon said to relax.

“But as far as those packages coming from the Dupont fulfillment center and from this area, we are not seeing a direct impact to customer fulfillment promises,” said Robinson.

Robinson said your Amazon gifts are just fine and the company has a clear backup plan.  The Dupont center handles larger packages- over 18 inches.  If packages can’t get out of there, Sumner’s large package facility picks up the slack.  If something happens that impacts deliveries in Sumner, then the large package facilities in Patterson and Tracy, California and the one in Reno will kick in.

“Customer delivery and fulfillment will not be impacted this holiday season,” said Robinson.

We also checked with major grocery stores and department stores. None of them said anything about delays.

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