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Internet sends boy’s lost toy on imaginary trip around the world


When a 4-year-old boy lost his stuffed elephant, his parents told him it had just gone on an adventure.

Much like the comic strip characters Calvin and Hobbes, Colin’s mom Tabby says the boy and his furry friend were inseparable — until, of course, the unthinkable happened and Fezzik the stuffed elephant went missing.

It’s a simple gesture to tell a young boy that his elephant is simply traveling the world, but it’s another thing entirely when a friend — and the internet — go above and beyond to try and make that story a reality.

A friend of Tabby’s posted a picture of the elephant to the social media site Reddit, asking a community called “PhotoshopBattles” to place the stuffed elephant into photos from around the world to show Colin that Fezzik was happy and healthy and on an adventure.

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Pretty soon, the elephant was on the trip of a lifetime.

Not only has Fezzik taken a gondola ride through Venice, but he’s also gone swimming at the Great Barrier Reef and even walked on the moon.

Of course, the family isn’t really sure where Fezzik is, but it’s the imaginative gesture that counts.

“I’m so happy people are enjoying Fezzik’s story as much as we have!” Tabby said in an email to FOX25. “We have postcards coming to us soon from friends (and friends of friends via Facebook) from all around the world for Colin from Fezzik.”

She explained Fezzik got his name from Andre the Giant in “The Princess Bride,” one of the family’s favorite movies.

Tabby said she got the idea to ask her friends to send postcards from him when he went missing and one friend offered to put the picture on r/PhotoshopBattles and see if people would chip in.

From there, it took off.

Tabby set up an email account for Fezzik so they can organize and send out emails to Colin.

“Will [Colin’s dad] and I really love the warmth and kindness bestowed upon us,” she said. “We are honored!”

Tabby said she can’t wait to teach Colin all about all the places Fezzik has been.

Fezzik as part of the moon landing.

Fezzik with some other elephants.

Fezzik’s Photoshop travels took him all over.


[This story was written by Dalton Main, WFXT]


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