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INTERACTIVE MAP: Here’s where every college football player is from


Here’s an analysis of all 128 FBS rosters for the 2016 season using Google Maps to place each player (more than 13,000 in total) in their hometown.
It created a very interesting visual of the current college football landscape, especially when it comes to the SEC which has the most localized recruiting reach of the Power 5 conferences. 
It’s no surprise that SEC country produces some of the best talent in the country and teams are trying their best to keep those players close to home.
Here are some interesting facts:
  • The average Pac 12 recruit comes from 836 miles away, almost double that of any other Power 5 conference
  • The average distance from hometown to school is 128 miles for USF players, lowest in CFB
  • The average distance from hometown to school is 1,881 miles for Hawaii players, highest in CFB (Stanford has the highest average of any mainland school at 1,243 miles)
  • The average FBS player hails from 446 miles away from their school
  • More than a third of all FBS players come from either Texas, Florida, or California and Vermont is the only state without an FBS homegrown player.

Note:  To turn views for conferences on/off, click the icon in the top left corner and check/uncheck the conferences you want to view. To expand map for a larger view, click the icon in the top right corner. Click on any school logo to see player details.

Going even further, we calculated the distance from each player’s hometown to the college they are attending in order to see which schools produce the most local talent.

Not surprisingly University of Hawaii topped the list when it came to furthest average distance from hometown to college, but beyond that, the numbers were very interesting.

The next four teams on the list were all Pac-12 schools and the three after that were the service academies. Far and away, USF recruits the most local talent since, on average, players only traveled 128 miles to attend school. Across the entire FBS, players comes from an average of 446 miles away to attend school.

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