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Insurance company won’t cover woman’s medical bill because she was drunk


A woman who suffered a fractured cheekbone after falling on her front porch was shocked to learn that her insurance company will not cover her $54,000 medical bill.

In March, Carol Mullins, 55, tripped on her front porch. She claims she tripped on a sled that her grandchildren left partially sticking out behind a chair, according to KDVR. She received medical treatment for facial injuries, including a fractured cheekbone.

Mullins’ insurance company, Tokio Marine HCC, sent her a denial of coverage letter, citing her legally drunk state at the time of injury.

While the insurance company said the policy makes the exclusion clear, Mullins countered that she would have suffered the injury even if she had been sober, and that she was consuming alcohol in her own home, which is legal.

A spokesperson for the state’s department of insurance suggested Mullins file a complaint.

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