If you’ve seen an applesauce recall on Facebook this week, you must read this


False reports are circulating the internet announcing that the kid-friendly food product GoGo SqueeZ has voluntarily recalled its applesauce product over quality concerns.

The company posted the following on its website, however, stating that the recall occurred over a year ago.

To our community:

We are not currently recalling any products. We are aware of old information circulating about the recall we announced over one year ago in March of 2016, and we want to confirm that there is NO NEW RECALL. The issue from last year has long since been corrected, and we have been back in full production for months. We are confident in the quality of the products we are sending to your stores.

The company had initially found food product residue in two product pumps at one of its factories during an inspection by the Michigan State Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, according to the March 2016 recall announcement.

The non-organic product had a best before date of between Dec. 4, 2015, and March 4, 2017.

With this recall issue released over a year ago, the company says “the issue from last year has long since been corrected,” and there is no new recall.

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