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How to manage your wet basement when the rain falls


A wet basement is not something anyone wants to face during the holiday season.

And the cost to get a basement repaired can be staggering.

Kevin Brasler from the non-profit Puget Sound Consumer’s Checkbook researched wet basement issues and the cost to consumers.

“Almost all wet basement problems are really drainage problems,” said Brasler.

Brasler says 50-75 percent of wet basement problems can be resolved by checking gutters, downspouts and flashing first.

“Make sure you clean out your gutters. Make sure your downspouts aren’t clogged up,” explained Brasler. “Where ever water comes out of your gutters, make sure your downspouts have been extended, so that water is flowing away from your home.”

If that doesn’t fix the issue, bring in a drainage expert.

“Start with someone who can inspect the problem and find out what the cause of the problem anyway,” said Brasler.

Brasler said be wary of contractors pushing sump pumps as a fix.

“It’ll get the water out of your house and send it back outside. You’ve just managed the water at that point, but haven’t solved the original problem,” explained Brasler.

If it’s determined that you do need work in your basement, don’t rush to make a decision.

Lastly, if you have a newer home with a wet basement issue check the builders warranty for clauses on seepage.

For more information on how to manage a wet basement, click here.

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