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How to get rid of that nasty stain in your carpet


Whether it’s a nasty spill or all-over grime that has you seeking professional help, selecting the right carpet cleaner is key when it comes to the quality of the job.

Puget Sound Consumers’ Checkbook rates local carpet cleaners to help you find someone for a reasonable price.

A few things to keep in mind when researching your cleaner

From the living room to the hallway, it can be costly to clean the area of surface of your carpet.

According to the group, cleaning the living room, dining room, and hallway, at a total of 330 square feet can range from $75 to $215. Also, it’s important to know that companies quote rooms differently than you expect.  For example, an L-shaped room, might be one room to you, but two rooms to a carpet-cleaning company.

Also note: don’t pay more than necessary for add-ons, such as soil retardants and deodorants. You’ll want to be sure to select a company that offers cleaning methods appropriate to your carpet.

Top 5 things to keep in mind when consulting with your carpet cleaner:

  1. Clearly state what cleaning method you would like, along with the cost and add-ons.
  2. Before the service person arrives, make sure to vacuum and move prize processions.
  3. Point out each stain and the cause of it. Ask if it will cost extra.
  4. Warn company about carpet seams, furniture with weak legs and other trouble areas.
  5. Don’t pay until the job is done and if you discover spots after the clean, call the company immediately.

To check out the ratings of local carpet cleaners, go to

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