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How to find the perfect window repair within your budget


If you are shopping for new or replacement windows it’s best to keep your options open.

Kevin Brasler from the non-profit Puget Sound Consumer’s Checkbook said purchasing windows can be an expensive undertaking, costing thousands of dollars for just a few windows.

“Don’t marry yourself to one manufacturer or retailer. There aren’t big differences in quality from manufacturer to manufacturer,” said Brasler.

For example, PSCC found prices for five double hung replacement windows that range from $1,700 to as high as $4,800.

When shopping for windows get lots of bids, at least four or five, and ask for a fixed price for the entire job.

“Once you’ve done that you will see massive price differences from company to company. Some companies charge two to three times as much as their competitors for essentially the same windows and there’s no reason for it,” explained Brasler.

Top 5 things you should do before signing a window repair agreement:

Confirm that the contractor is insured.

Make sure there is a payment schedule – you shouldn’t have to pay in full upfront.

Get a work schedule – starting date must be confirmed.

And see if there’s a phrase in the contract that says the contractor will complete the project in a “workmanlike and professional manner” then hold them to that.

If you have an older home, it may contain lead based paint. So make sure your contractor has a lead renovator certification.

For more information on finding the best window repair rate, click here.

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