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Honest restaurant worker returns patron’s lost diamond


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An Alaskan woman is thanking a restaurant worker for returning her diamond ring.

Rachel Saldana was visiting Carlos Mexican Resaturant in Anchorage and went to the bathroom to change her baby’s diaper.

A few minutes after returning to her table, she realized the diamond from her ring was missing.

“My heart just sank,” Saldana told KTUU.

Restaurant workers helped a frantic Saldana search for the ring, but they had no luck.

Patricia Christophersen works at the restaurant busing tables. She took Saldana’s phone number and promised she would keep searching.

After finishing her shift, Christophersen went to check the bathroom one last time, in case they had missed the diamond. The bathroom had already been cleaned for the evening, but amazingly, a sparkling rock caught Christophersen’s eye.

“And miraculously, it was right behind the door, like, right behind the door on the ground!” said Christophersen.

She called Saldana at 11:00 that night to tell her the good news.

“She could have completely taken that diamond and sold it at a pawn shop, or wherever, to make a little extra cash, to be able to take care of things going on in her life. So the fact that she was so honest, and had so much integrity to contact me back and return it, was really amazing,” said Saldana.

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