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Help KIRO, Jesse Jones eliminate some medical debt for local veterans


KIRO viewers already helped relieve millions of dollars worth of medical debt for people in Western Washington.  Now, KIRO and Jesse Jones want to help ease the burden for veterans drowning in medical debt.

Michelle Chinnick is the best example of how your donations changed lives.  More than $3,400 of her medical debt was abolished, which allowed her to raise her grandson without the fear of financial ruin.

“This has just been a huge blessing,” Chinnick said.  “It was a matter of bankruptcy or no bankruptcy, and I don’t have to file bankruptcy now.”

Our goal was simple: eliminate as much debt as possible from people in our area.  KIRO pitched in the first $12,000. Viewers brought in another $50,000.

The group we used to make this purchase is the charity RIP Medical Debt.

Craig Antico from RIP Medical Debt said since some medical debt can be purchased for pennies on the dollar, our $60,000 total abolished more than six million dollars of debt.

“One hundred dollars abolishes $10,000, so they know they have some impact,” Antico explained.

Antico said the movement spread like wildfire.  Following our report, television stations from coast to coast did the same thing as us by eliminating an additional $15 million dollars of medical debt.  But Antico said work needs to be done to help our veterans.

“There’s $8 billion dollars that has been unpaid by veterans that has been denied by the VA, which is quite astonishing,” Antico explained.

Now, we’re asking you to give again.  But this time, in our donation portal, note that you want the money to go to vets.  Antico said he will match the first $20,000 donated to the cause.

“What that’s going to let us do is abolish four million dollars to bring your total up to $10 million dollars,” Antico said.  “That’s what KIRO has started, and it’s just the beginning.”

You can donate here.

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