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Health dept.: Foodborne illness outbreak at Rancho Bravo


Rancho Bravo Tacos in Capitol Hill is being investigated after four people reported becoming ill soon after eating food at the restaurant, according to King County public health officials.

Public health officials are investigating an outbreak of gastroenteritis, which causes abdominal pain and diarrhea, according to the news release. None of the four people were hospitalized.

Health officials say they received a report of the illnesses on April 24 at 1001 East Pine Street, but it hasn’t received any other reports since then.

Inspectors plan to return to Rancho Bravo Tacos within 14 days to make sure the corrected practices remain in place.

Rancho Bravo has run into issues with health issues in the past. In 2008, its food truck was cited for “Failure to correct repeated violations, sewage leaking onto ground [and] failure to operate in compliance with mobile plan of operation.”

What causes the foodborne illness outbreak?         

Health officials say that the symptoms and timing of illness could be caused by a bacteria from Bacillus cereus or Clostridium perfringens. However, no test was done to confirm which pathogen caused the illness, according to health officials.

According to the news release, environmental health investigators visit the restaurant and found improper cooling and hot holding of potentially hazardous foods, which may have contributed to the foodborne illness outbreak. Investigators also discovered improper food handling practices, public health officials reported.

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