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Hackers threaten to wipe nearly 560 million iPhones unless Apple pays ransom


A group of hackers – known as the Turkish Crime Family claims to have access to nearly 560 million iCloud and Apple email accounts and is threatening to wipe them clean if Apple doesn’t a pay ransom fee, according to Motherboard.

This group of hackers allegedly gained access to a list of between 300 million and 559 million iCloud and Apple accounts.

Hackers say the only way this list will be deleted is if Apple pays $75,000 in crypto-currency or $100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards by April 7, Motherboard reports.

Turkish Crime Family says if Apple doesn’t pay the ransom fee all devices on the list will be remotely wiped clean.

Apple security team members have been exchanging emails with the hacking group for at least a week, according to Motherboard.

In one email exchange, the hackers claim to have a list of 300 million accounts, and in another email, they claim to have 559 million accounts.

According to Motherboard, the Turkish Crime Family posted a YouTube video displaying they’ve accessed a women’s iCloud account. Since then, Apple has asked the hackers to remove the video.

A security team member also said the company does not reward cyber criminals and all communication between Apple and the hackers will be reported to authorities.

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