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Gwinnett couple says Amazon has no answers on how their account got hacked


By Jim Strickland

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. – Changing a password did not stop hackers from targeting a local couple’s Amazon account.

The couple told Channel 2 consumer investigator Jim Strickland they’re still awaiting answers from the online retail giant.

“They are my go to one stop shop for everything. That’s what’s making this situation so frustrating and incredibly unsettling,” said Sarah Bowen.

Bowen started her interview with Strickland by proclaiming her long time love for Amazon. But her loyalty’s being tested.

“About three weeks ago, I noticed unusual activity on my account,” Bowen said.

Hackers bought and shipped items like vitamins and expensive watches to Los Angeles. They used the couple’s stored gift card balance. Sarah Bowen and husband, Brett Bowen, were on the phone with Amazon as a hack was happening.

“You can feel your body tensing up because you are actively watching someone steal from you,” Brett Bowen told Strickland.

Amazon has yet to give the Bowens or Strickland an explanation.

Brett Bowen said after changing the password on a PC, the mobile app stayed open on the old password.   He’s convinced the trouble was on Amazon’s end.

“Our systems came back totally clean, and we’re puzzled and perplexed,” Brett Bowen said.

The hackers even emailed Sarah Bowen claiming to be former Amazon employees using their account to harm the company.

“We have hacked your account but you are not the first or our last in our list,” Sarah Bowen said.

Sarah Bowen said that was unsettling.

Strickland emailed and called Amazon Thursday and again Friday, and never got a response.

A couple of hours before Strickland’s story aired on Channel 2 Action News at 4 p.m., the Bowens got their $425 gift card replenished, and so far, the hackers haven’t touched it.

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