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Google and Microsoft spar over Windows security flaw


Google and Microsoft are at odds over a flaw in the Windows operating system which Google recently revealed.  Google claims hackers are attaching computers because of the gap.

Google told Microsoft about the vulnerability of the Windows operating system and gave them seven days to fix or announce the issue.   When Microsoft didn’t address the issue publically, Google warned the public about the flaw.  Computer security expert Bryan Seely believes Microsoft should have been given more time to address the issue.

“When you have a product as complicated as Microsoft windows and a team that has to put together a patch I don’t think 7 days is enough,” said Seely.

In a statement to KIRO 7 Microsoft said –

Google’s decision to disclose these vulnerabilities before patches are broadly available and tested is disappointing, and puts customers at increased risk.

Seely said the best time to tell the public about the issue is when the fix is complete.

“So if I tell you and everybody else in the world there’s this horrible nasty thing that is going out and don’t give Microsoft time to fix it, now all the criminals know that it is there. They are going to start looking for how to use that until it gets fixed,” said Seely.

Microsoft said a hacking group previously linked to the Russian Government is behind the attacks.

Seely said there are ways to protect yourself, like making sure all of your software is updated.

“Go to websites that you know, don’t open emails that you don’t,” said Seely. “Don’t do anything crazy.”

The exploit also involves Adobe which has created a patch.

Microsoft says it will have a patch available when it releases the next update on November 8.

Visit this website if you would like like more information on this issue.

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