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Firefighters rescue dog stuck at bottom of well



A yellow Labrador Retriever stepped into some big trouble Monday afternoon in Henry County, .
The dog fell forty feet into a well.

The 10-year old lab is named Bama.

“One of the neighbors, when they pulled him up and saw it was Bama—came right over here to tell me. So I didn’t even know it until they had already gotten him out,” his owner James House said.

House says his dog sometimes strolls along Antioch Road to visit the neighbors, but one of those neighbors was working on his well and had the cap off.

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House says Bama is nearly blind, and never saw the hole.

Henry County Animal Control and the fire department worked for three hours to get him out.

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They first got a rope around the dog, then pumped in oxygen, then sent a firefighter down the hole.

“We have special monitors that read oxygen levels.  Of course, any time before we introduce a rescuer into that situation we make sure we circulate that air to create a better, oxygen-rich environment,” Captain Michael Black said.

Rescuers got Bama out, and he’s just fine.  “I know it must have been scary for him.  Brought him home and hugged him—mud and all,” James House said.

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