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Final days: These J.C. Penney locations are closing by July 31


Mike Timmermann,

Liquidation sales are nearing an end at 138 J.C. Penney department store locations that will soon be closing forever.

The struggling retailer announced plans to close the stores back in March, but it postponed liquidation sales until May due to increased foot traffic.

July 31 is the last day to shop at nearly all of the stores that are shutting down, except for a few staying open until September.

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J.C. Penney liquidation sales: What you need to know

According to pictures uploaded to social media, the markdowns are currently 70% to 80%, but there may not be much merchandise left for customers to choose from.

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When it comes to liquidation sales in general, money expert Clark Howard says you must wait for the best deals.

“You’re not necessarily getting bargains, especially early in a liquidation sale,” Clark said. “Many times, once a retailer’s establishment is turned over to a liquidator, they will bring in merchandise that was never in that store to start with.”

The key is to ignore the signs that say 50% off (or whatever “great discount” is displayed on the sign) and focus on the final price. Use your smartphone to compare prices while you shop to identify the true deals.

Here’s a list of the 138 J.C. Penney locations that are closing:

Confirmed JCPenney stores closing

Confirmed JCPenney stores closing

Confirmed JCPenney stores closing

Confirmed JCPenney stores closing

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