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FDA: Elevated levels of belladonna found in teething tablets


By Michelle Ewing

Cox Media Group National Content Desk

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Friday that laboratory testing found inconsistent amounts of belladonna in certain brands of homeopathic teething tablets.

According to the FDA’s analysis, the level of belladonna, which is a toxic substance, sometimes far exceeded the amount stated on the label. The FDA said in a news release that the tablets pose an unnecessary risk and urged consumers to stop using the products.

The laboratory testing was prompted by reports in 2016 of infants and children having seizures, difficulty breathing, lethargy and other health issues after taking the tablets.

In October, Hyland’s announced it would no longer distribute its teething products in the U.S.

“Many retailers, because of the announcement, have chosen to stop selling homeopathic teething medicines in their stores while others have not,” the company said in a letter on its website. “We are confident that any available Hyland’s teething products, including those you already have, are safe for use. Of course, parents who may have concerns should consult with their physicians before using any medicines, read labels carefully and follow all instructions.”


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