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Father pranks son with surprise birthday present


By Cox Media Group National Content Desk 

PHILADELPHIA — A father who pranked his son with a surprise birthday gift got quite an emotional response from the Little Leaguer.

Bra Fowler shared a video of the fake out on Facebook Thursday.

“Just gave my son his present before we went to the game,” Fowler wrote. “It got emotional like I thought. Love this kid.”

In the video, which has been viewed more than 5 million times, Fowler’s son Braheim dejectedly walks toward their minivan to leave for a game thinking his father forgot his 12th birthday, according to WITI.

“We got a big game today,” Bra can be heard saying in the video. “You still mad at me? For what? You alright?”

Before they leave, Bra tells his son to get something from the back of the vehicle. His son opens the back door and is overcome with emotion when he sees the bat-sized Amazon box.

A grin covers Braheim’s face as he pulls the bat from the package, holds it and takes a couple of practice swings before walking over and giving his dad a hug.

“Don’t cry,” Fowler is heard saying to his son. “You’re about to make me cry.”

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