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Fake no parking signs popping up in Fremont


SEATTLE – Some people are using fake no parking signs to make sure they have a place to park in some Seattle neighborhoods.

The Seattle Police Department confirmed the sign is a fake. The first give away is that the sign is stuck into a cement block and the font used on the sign is close, but not quite the same, as the signs the city uses.

The story first popped up on Reddit. It was posted by a driver who was having a hard time finding parking in Fremont, which is not uncommon.

But there was one spot that was conspicuously open.

He said he was a little nervous about it, but parked there anyway, figuring someone was trying to save the space. He called it “curb squatting.”

Drivers KIRO 7 talked to say it’s a dirty trick.

Seattle police said people should be skeptical if they see such a sign and should report it to the city Department of Transportation.

Only the city is authorized to place signage restricting parking, but that can be confusing with construction sandwich board signs saying no parking between certain dates that are found all over the city.

Some drivers have complained they often are set up without advanced notice, and have invalid permits.

Experts say the best thing to do is take a picture of your car and the sign, so you have proof if you get a ticket or are towed.


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