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Dad casually catches foul ball without dropping daughter


A dad holding his daughter at a Phillies game made an all-star catch in the stands Thursday.

Brian Kucharik was surprised the baseball even made its way to him in the stands. But you wouldn’t believe it by his lackadaisical catch, which he made while holding his daughter, a full tray from the concessions stand and a game program.

“I’ve been playing for about 30 years now,” Kucharik, of Boothwyn, Pennsylvania, told “It looked like a normal fly ball from the outfield. I put my hand up. I’m lefty, so with my right hand, catching the ball was pretty easy.”

Kucharik’s catch on a Kevin Pillar line drive foul might have been the brightest highlight for the Phillies who lost the game to the Blue Jays 13-2.

He did not drop his daughter but their fries did fall. The Phillies gave him another basket of them.

[This story was written by Cox Media Group National Content Desk]

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