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Consumer complaints against hotels leads to state wide investigation


A Thurston County man was disappointed to learn that his hotel reservation was mysteriously canceled and resold after planning a summer trip to Oregon.

Greg Krueger had been waiting years to attend this summer’s total solar eclipse, and booked his hotel reservation a year in advance.

“I enjoy space, the stars, and the planets. I’m kind of a geek that way, I guess. It’s kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity for us.” Krueger said.

The next total solar eclipse in North America is at least 15 years away. That’s too far away for Krueger, so he booked and confirmed a hotel reservation at the Quality Suites hotel in Keizer, Oregon last summer.

“It was ‘aha — a success!’ Got those reservations, texted my son-in-law right away and said ‘hey we’re in, we are good to go,’” Krueger said.

But in April, he started hearing reports of hotel reservations in the area for the event being canceled.

“I heard about it again and I thought, I needed to check,” Krueger said.

When Krueger learned his reservation had also somehow been canceled, he was furious.

“Not happy at all. It’s not a good way to do business,” Krueger explained.

Krueger is not alone.

The Oregon Department of Justice has launched an investigation into nine different hotels for allegedly cancelling room reservations and reselling them at a higher price.

“I think they’re going for about $600 right now. If you can find a room available… good luck with that,” Krueger said.

The hotel manager told Krueger that she would return his call and get back to him regarding his hotel reservation.

“And here we are, I still haven’t heard from anybody,” Krueger said.

That’s when he decided to call Jesse. He contacted Choice Hotels, the company that owns many Quality Suites. After hearing Krueger’s story, they gave him the hotel rooms back for the original price.

Now, Krueger just hopes no more shadows will be cast on his trip.

“I don’t want to miss it,” Krueger said.

The Keizer hotel is independently owned and operated.

So how do you protect yourself?

Join the membership club for the hotel. In most cases, they are the people who get kicked out last when the hotel is overbooked.

Confirm your confirmation number.

Check your reservation monthly before your trip

If you experienced a similar situation regarding your hotel stay in Oregon, you can file a consumer complaint with the Oregon Department of Justice here.


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