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Comcast Data Caps Expands to More than 20 markets including Washington state


Starting Nov. 1, Comcast will apply a 1-terabyte data cap to residential broadband customers in 23 new markets, according to

According to a Washington Post report, Comcast doesn’t believe customers will go over the limit but they do plan to charge a fee if the limit is exceeded.

California, Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin will be opted into this new system by default.

The only way to avoid Comcast’s data cap is by paying an extra $50 a month for unlimited data or switch to Comcast’s Gigabit Pro that will cost consumers $300 a month, according the Washington Post.

Consumers can also switch to Economy Plus and Performance Starter to avoid the data limit, but will face slower speeds.

Company spokesman Charlie Douglas says the data cap rollout affects primarily the western and central U.S. and it will roll out in phases at different times.




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