Search advice: 9 things you should never buy at Walmart


Story from Managing Editor Alexandra Thomas Sadler.

If you’re looking for the best deal, you should always shop around — check various retailers, drug stores, dollar stores and online. Sometimes it’s just convenient to get everything at one store, but if you plan out your purchases and figure out where to get the best price on each, then you save a lot of money over time!

So when it comes to getting the best price, Money Talk News rounded up a list of nine things you should never buy at Walmart — and we’ve included where to get each item cheaper!

9 things to never buy at Walmart, according to

1. Gift cards

Check out these websites where you can get gift cards for a fraction of what they cost at Walmart.

2. Entertainment

There are a lot of ways to get books, movies and music for a lot cheaper than what they cost at Walmart. Here are a few options:

3. Toys and games

Amazon is also a great place to find toys and games at super-cheap prices.

4. Snack foods

The dollar stores and even drug stores often have the best deals on snack foods!

5. Organic produce

Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s often have cheaper prices on organic produce.

Here are some other ways to get organic food for less:

6. Brand-name diapers

Amazon Mom offers Prime members a 20% discount on diapers, along with other offers and deals.

7. Gift-wrapping items

The dollar stores are your best bet on wrapping!

8. Party supplies

Another great dollar store buy.

9. Batteries

Head to Costco for the best deal on batteries!

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