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Charges Filed Against Lakewood Car Dealership


Damon Freeman and his Mother, Marko Mclemore, are not surprised by the administrative charges filed by the Department of Licensing against Arasi Auto Sales in Lakewood.

“So, you know, it’s kind of insane that they did things like that,” said Freeman.

In July, we told you about the Mercedes Damon purchased at the dealership.

First-the model was listed as an E500.

“But when you do the VIN number its E-320,” said Freeman

Freeman had waited four months for his title.  And, Arasi Auto Sales never told him the car was branded as insurance destroyed -in other words, a total loss vehicle.

DOL documents show the allegations against Arasi include -late title transfer violations and misrepresenting information on purchase orders.

In our first report-An employee named Sam Sharif said his boss did send the title.

“But he sent it two days after the guy bought the car,” said Sharif

The court documents show Arasi Motors didn’t transfer the title to Damon until July 6th. That’s 83 days after the law allows.

I stopped by the business, and spoke to Sharif again.

I asked, if he had anything to say about these charges?  “Am I being charged with any of this?” said Sharif.  I explained the company was, but he’s the one that sold the car to Freeman.  “You’re talking like you’re about to arrest me or something,” said Sharif.

I then stopped in the office-an employee passed the charging papers to an unidentified man who had some questions for me.

“Do you have a job?”  I explained that of course I had a job, and that I was doing it now.  I asked if they were selling cars that don’t have titles.

The person said he asked Damon to bring the car back after he bought it.  “I told him, give me my car back, I’ll give you the money,” said the unidentified man.

I asked, “My question is, you shouldn’t be selling a car you don’t have a title to in the first place.”

“No, no, no. Any car here has title. New car don’t have a title,” said the unidentified man.

But according to the Department of Licensing, Arasi is a used car lot – they don’t sell new cars.

“Dealers are supposed to have the title in their possession when they sell a vehicle,” said Christine Anthony with the Department of Licensing.

Freeman and his mother, just want to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

I asked, “should these guys be selling cars again?”  “They shouldn’t be selling cars at all,” said Mclemore.

The Department of Licensing is proposing a $5,000 fine against the agency, which is one of the largest of the year.

State investigators say the owners of Arasi Auto Sales claimed they never received the charges.  They now have 20 days to respond.

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