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Car Broken Into In Dealer Lot After Service


Imagine having your car fixed only to get a call from the dealership saying your car has been broken into.

Beau Baughman had his stereo, speakers and more ripped out of his car.

“The 12s, the speakers with the 2 -12-inch subwoofers and amplifier in the back,” said Beau.

The crime didn’t happen in Beau’s driveway.

“They had all the time in the world. They smoked two cigarettes and a cigar,” said Beau.

The car was broken into at the place where it was being serviced -Burien Nissan.

“We were told service vehicles would be kept in a locked area, behind a secure gate. Our vehicle, however, was left in an open lot,” said Beau.

This wasn’t the first time Burien Nissan had criminals crawl through its property.  Last December three boys snuck onto Burien Nissan’s lots and stole three cars including a Mercedes and a Cadillac.

After Baughman’s incident, they say the dealership failed to file a police report and would not give them their insurance information.

“They told us to put it on our insurance. And we went back and forth. And they would just not provide their insurance information,” said Beau.

“They absolutely refused to provide their insurance information,” said Michelle, Beau’s wife.

Michelle works in insurance, she knows the deal, so she documented everything they lost.  From a custom stereo system to the prescription glasses and the Kam Chancellor Seahawks jersey in the car.  More than $5,000 worth of items were stolen or damaged.

“We tried to settle with them and they offered us 18-percent of what the total loss was,” said Beau.

They called me to help. I spoke to the owner of Burien Nissan who had doubts about the amount of money the Baughman’s were asking for. So, the couple took the dealer to court.

The key part of the case, the dealership’s service manager didn’t have the Baughman’s sign a waiver for events like theft.

“I have a document with notes on it but nothing signed by Mr. Baughman except for his rental agreement,” said Brian Winter.
He also said the stereo claim was hundreds more than it should have been.

“That’s when we came to the conclusion that we thought we may have been taken advantage of,” said Winter.

The judge made his decision on the amount and found for the Baughman’s.

“So the principal judgment amount is $3,294.99.”

Even without a stereo, the Baughman’s say that was sweetest sound ever.

“It feels wonderful, it’s great, it feels like justice had been served,” said Beau?

Burien Nissan did not appeal the case.

The owner told me this afternoon he has instructed his staff to pay the judgment. He says the Baughmans failed to provide receipts so the business could make the payment.

The Baughmans say that is true. The couple wanted to deal strictly with the dealer’s insurance company. The couple did provide their documentation and receipts in court for the judge.

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