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Called about jury duty? Don’t fall for this scam


The King County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents they may be part of nationwide scam in the Seattle area — again.

I covered the scam originally in 2015. It’s known as the jury duty scam and the criminals use scare tactics to lock up your pocketbook.

The caller identifies themselves as a King County deputy or detective and explains that the person failed to show up for jury duty.

They then request a credit card number over the phone or ask to purchase a gift card. If you are hesitant of giving any information, they will threaten people with jail for not cooperating to pay.

The sheriff’s office would never call you about a warrant and ask you to pay over the phone. The scammers are convincing, but do not fall for it and hang up the phone.

If you’ve fallen victim, file a police report and contact the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission.

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