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Bring your own cup days honor Slurpee’s 50th anniversary


By Cox Media Group National Content Desk

The Slurpee is turning 50.

In honor of this golden anniversary, 7-Eleven is celebrating with two days of its Bring Your Own Cup promotion from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Fill the largest Slurpee conveyance possible for $1.50. The cup caveats? It must be less than 10 inches in diameter and be able to fit beneath the Slurpee machine. In the past, Slurpee fans have brought buckets, coolers and even a teapot to fill.

It’s the Slurpee’s 50th anniversary.

The beverage was invented when the soda fountain at Omar Knedik, a Kansas hamburger stand owner, broke. He kept sodas in the freezer. He later found the slushy beverage and it became popular with customers. So he developed a machine to perfect the process.

The Slurpee name comes from the slurp sound that is made when it is consumed.

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