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Bellingham Men Sue Bridal Shop After Tuxedo Mixup


Most grooms feel stressed the week of their wedding.  But Daisuke Kaneko experienced some unexpected anxiety on his big day because of his tuxedo rental.

He and his best man, Gabriel Rodriguez, learned their rented tuxedos did not fit, and there was no time for alterations.

“I don’t want my wife to look at me in this big jacket and I don’t want to be the center of attention… in an embarrassing way,” Kaneko said.

The two spent $340 at Bellingham’s Belle Bridal for the ill-fitting rentals.  So the pair rushed to another shop to get tuxes that actually fit.

“It was a 20 minute ordeal.  In and out… same day as the wedding,” Rodriguez said.

After the wedding, Gabriel and Daisuke asked for refunds from Belle Bridal, but the shop owners refused.

They sued the owner of Belle Bridal in small claims court and won. But the business was sold, and neither the old owner or the new ones were willing to pay up.

Here’s the lesson: Instead of fighting the owner in court, the two should have first tried a credit card chargeback. In most cases, credit card holders have from 60 to120 days to dispute purchases.

In this situation, Gabriel and Daisuke were outside of their 60 day time limit.

So Jesse went to their banks and asked them to step in and help… And they did! Both men got full refunds.

“It’s great.  It’s amazing!  I’m so thankful,” Gabriel said.   “WECU has been awesome. I can’t believe they gave me the money.”

The men sued the old owner of Belle Bridal.  The new owners want to make it clear that they were not involved in the rental of these tuxes.

For more information on chargebacks, click here.

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