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BBB Warns: Watch out for Wildfire Charity Scams


After several unpredicted wildfires around the state, the Better Business Bureau released a warning to residents asking to be careful not to donate to fake charities and wildfire relief funds.

The BBB said that it’s not hard for people to impersonate charities and relief fund programs by using materials from legitimate companies and logos, according to KREM report.

The BBB also reported some tactics used when scammers are asking for donations, according to KREM.

  1. Use of the threatening and aggressive tactics or deadlines
  1. Will only accept cash donations or checks made out to them personally.
  1. Can’t explain what kind of relief will be offered, how it will be distributed, when it will be allocated and what percentage of donations benefit causes.

The BBB says people wanting more consumer protection tips and information on BBB investigations can visit To report a scam, visit

Photo by: Gajus/ Getty Images/istockphoto

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