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Bacon sales sizzling, amid depleted supplies and spiking prices


By Shelby Lin Erdman

Cox Media Group National Content Desk

The U.S. bacon supply is at a 50-year low, as pork farmers struggle to keep up with demand and prices surge.

Frozen pork belly, which is what bacon is made from, fell to the lowest levels since 1957 by the end of December, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

It appears the world’s appetite for bacon is outpacing the supply.

The frozen pork belly inventory measured 17.8 million pounds in December, down from 62 million pounds at the same time a year ago, the USDA reported.

The agency said increased demand both in the U.S. and abroad could explain the diminishing inventory.

“Today’s pig farmers are setting historic records by producing more pigs than ever,” Ohio Pork Council president Rich Deaton said this week, according to USA Today.

“Yet our reserves are still depleting,” Deaton added.

While the Columbus-based non-profit reported the price of the breakfast meat rose 20 percent in January, the organization also sought to reassure bacon lovers.

“Ohio farmers will continue to work hard to ensure consumers receive the products they crave,” Deaton said.

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