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AT&T’s unlimited data plan offers free HBO, here’s what to know


by: Fiza Pirani, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

AT&T just made its unlimited plan even better.

In February, AT&T lowered the price of its unlimited mobile data plan by $10 to $90 per month and this week, the telecommunications giant announced that its new Unlimited Plus plan will also include a free HBO subscription.

“Our customers want wireless entertainment on their terms, and we’re going to deliver,” David Christopher, AT&T chief marketing officer, said in a news release.

With the new plan, both new and existing customers can indulge in award-winning shows such as Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, VEEP and several more.

HBO Now — the independent HBO app for people who want to pay for the content on its own — costs $15 per month.

As part of AT&T’s Unlimited Plus plan, customers will also get a $25 monthly video credit toward one of AT&T’s video services (AT&T U-Verse, DirecTV or DirecTV Now), making the plan “unprecedented in the market,” according to the news release.

Here’s how the new wireless plan’s inclusion of HBO will benefit customers: If you’re already paying for HBO through either of the three aforementioned AT&T video services , you will also get in on the action — and for no additional charge.

If you subscribe to one of the three AT&T video services but don’t pay for HBO, you’ll automatically gain access to the premium channels.

If you don’t subscribe to any of AT&T’s video services, you can still access HBO content through both the HBO Go and DIRECTV NOW apps.

Here’s how many HBO channels each video service gets you, according to Tech Crunch: U-Verse: 14 HBO channels, DirecTV: 10, including East and West coast feeds of HBO, HBO2, HBO Family, HBO Comedy, Latino, Signature, Zone, and On Demand, DirecTV Now: Three, including HBO, HBO East and HBO Family.

On top of the new perks, AT&T’s Unlimited Plus plan includes unlimited data, talk, text and 10 GB of Wi-Fi tethering per smartphone — and you can connect a tablet or other devices, too.

According to the news release, speeds may slow down after 22 GB of data usage per line.

The new offer rolls out Thursday, April 6.

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