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Apple to offer free replacement batteries for select iPhone 6s


By Natalie Dreier

Cox Media Group National Content Desk

Apple has announced it will be working with some consumers who have iPhone 6s that unexpectedly shut down with no warning or reason.

Devices made between September and October 2015 are affected Apple announced Monday and will offer free replacement batteries, CNN reported.

The tech giant did not say what is causing the phones to turn off.

Recently, a consumer watch group in China investigated the problem after iPhone users in the country said their iPhone 6 and 6s would turn off on it’s own even with a charged battery. The phones would not power back up when plugged into chargers, CNN reported.

Apple stressed it was not a safety issue.

Last week, Apple admitted that iPhone 6 Plus phones can suffer from what is been dubbed “Touch Disease.” The touchscreen stops working when it has been bent or dropped repeatedly. Apple will fix phones with “Touch Disease” with a $149 service.

To find out if your iPhone 6s is on the list for a new battery, click here. The repair will be handled by Apple, not the wireless companies that feature the device, Apple announced.

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