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After Delta Airline meltdown, Jesse explains how to protect yourself for future flying


After Delta Airline power outage caused thousands of flight delays and cancellations, I explain the best ways every passenger should protect themselves before flying.

This is the third major delay caused by an airline’s computer failure this year.

According to Travel Agent Steve Danishek, passengers should first try to fly non-stop flights when possible. That way if a person is late getting out of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the passenger is where he or she needs to be when the plan lands. The passenger will not have to worry about a connecting flight.

It’s also best to fly earlier in the day. Later flights are more prone to delays and if one airline is late, the other has no obligation to you, says Danishek.

“Plus if you miss the outbound potion of your second ticket, it cancels your return flight, so it can be a mess,” said Danishek.

Lastly, be careful dealing with discount airlines. If something goes wrong you aren’t entirely protected.

If you are delayed on one of those flights, don’t expect them to take care of you, says Danishek.










Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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